Our Products

At MHC, we develop products and partner with the health care community. Whether it’s matching healthcare employers with qualified professionals, encouraging young students to consider a health care career, or working with universities and hospitals for clinical placements, MHC works to facilitate an optimal health care workforce in every community.

ACEMAPP Education:
ACEMAPP Education was originally developed by the Michigan Health Council in partnership with five hospitals in Southeast Michigan to alleviate a shortage of clinical rotations spots for nursing students. Since its launch, ACEMAPP has provided schools and clinical sites with an easy to use online tool to onboard and manage students, staff, preceptors, faculty, and observers for clinical education nationwide.

ACEMAPP Careers:
This recruitment service is unique because as a nonprofit, ACEMAPP Careers works on behalf of its member organizations to provide affordable and effective sourcing tools to support the recruitment needs of healthcare employers in diverse settings and communities throughout the United States.

ACP Michigan:
ACP Michigan is a network of individuals and organizations working to provide and grow ACP services in their communities. Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a person-centered, ongoing process of communication that facilitates individual understanding, reflection and discussion of their goals, values and preferences for future healthcare decisions.

Center for Caring: 
Center for Caring is an online resource for information on emerging physical, mental and social issues impacting the health of older adults. Whether a patient, caregiver, or healthcare provider, the Center for Caring offers a wide range of educational content and eLearning opportunities on relevant aging topics from trusted sources in geriatric health.

Michigan Center for Nursing:
Michigan Center for Nursing acts as a champion for the nursing profession by fostering ongoing collaboration, communication, and consensus building to ensure Michigan’s nursing workforce meets community health care needs.

Michigan HOSA:
HOSA is a national student organization with 120,000 students in more than 3,000 chapters across the country with the mission to provide students with opportunities for knowledge, skills, and leadership development to students interested in all health professions. This year, Michigan HOSA is aiming to engage more than 7,000 students.

Mini-Medical School:
Mini-Medical School offers health and wellness-related activities aimed toward elementary school children in grades K-5. The program is a fun way to teach young children about taking care of their growing bodies while sharing the importance of preventive medicine. Mini-Medical School includes hands-on, experiential activities that are designed to leave a lasting impression on students.

MHC Insight:
The purpose of MHC Insight is to research and report on critical issues facing Michigan’s healthcare workforce. Our work provides current, actionable traditional and real-time labor market data to assist with crucial decision-making in Michigan’s health care economy. 

Primary Care Partners of Michigan:
Primary Care Partners of Michigan (PCPMi) is a network of organizations and individual interested in advancing primary care.

The Power of Understanding is a project aiming to reduce health disparities by improving both personal and organizational health literacy. Our team helps organizations review and improve their health literacy. This can be done by reviewing handouts, hosting focus groups, and providing training opportunities.