2015 Interprofessional Conference: A Letter From Craig

Dear Colleague,

This year, we planned our most interactive workshop series yet. Our hope is that we help you guide change and accomplish meaningful work at your organization.

The Michigan Health Council developed the Education to Practice initiative out of a desire to improve patient outcomes and increase workforce capacity through interprofessional collaboration. Since it can mean many things to many different individuals, here’s how we define interprofessional collaboration after consulting resources from both the US and Canada:

Interprofessional collaboration is a process for communication and decision making that enables the separate and shared knowledge and skills of different care providers to synergistically influence the care provided through changed attitudes and behaviors, all the while emphasizing person-centered goals and values

Through our exploration of interprofessional initiatives in Michigan, we’ve found countless benefits of a team approach to care including, but not limited to, improved patient activation, patient satisfaction, and team building among providers, staff, and students.

The purpose of this year’s Northern Michigan Interprofessional Conference is to roll-up your sleeves and create opportunities to implement interprofessional collaboration by developing a succinct and measurable plan of action at your organization and in partnership with your local stakeholders.

I would like to extend a special “thank you” to the conference sponsors and leaders at Central Michigan University, Ferris State University, Michigan Area Health Education Center, and Saginaw Valley State University who took the initiative to plan this event for and with their colleagues. This event would not be possible without your continued support.

We hope you find our time together valuable, have fun, and leave with ways to implement interprofessional collaboration.

Craig Donahue
Chief Operating Officer
Michigan Health Council